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Recycled packaging is a great way to extend the life of previously used materials. Our whole packaging is made from recycled or partially recycled materials, and as a bonus to that, with every purchase you get a free gift bag made of recycled materials (likejeans or/and other re-used materials). Every effort and piece of denim collected makes an impact. In case your dear Fanna pieces no longer serve you, please feel free to return it to our collecting point for recycling purposes. 



There must be so many old jeans in your wardrobe – the ones that you do not really use much, the ones that do not fit you anymore, the ones that are too short, the ones that are fashionable enough and the ones that are already torn apart. All these jeans will get a chance to become something new at FANNA. Why not give them another chance at life? Same goes for your dear FANNA pieces no longer serve you, please feel free to return it to our collecting point for recycling purposes. The bag we give as a gift with the purchases are made from mostly recycled materials. And of course, we will reward you with a 300  HUF coupon for each pair of jeans, which you can use with your next purchase.

Our collecting point is: 1073. Budapest, Kertész utca 41., 2nd floor, 7th door. Ring: 27. To meet us at the drop off point, pre-registration is required via email at

PLEASE NOTE: * Coupons are for single use and cannot be used in conjuction with other promotions, coupons or vouchers. They cannot be exchanged for cash. In case of a product return, the amount of the voucher will not be refunded. The offer is valid to be purchased within 3 months after issue at the webshop.  


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